Sabtu, 29 September 2012

Mencari Tempat Training

24 of September, my last training day in All Seasons Denpasar hotel. I so affected to let'em go......
(let we play Katy Perry's songs-The One That Got Away)..... :')

various memories ranging from the exciting to the things that made ​​me illfeel there.
oh no .... I'm really speechless that time as to be separated from them, let alone the same boss, I really want to shed tears because I felt a lot of things that do not match what I have to do. I want to say goodbye to all Housekeeping staff in particular, but my compassion is not strong, and i let'em go.

>25 of September.
There's no important duty that i must to do, but.....  I should went to my school for get Trainee Letter from my school to the next hotel that I'll train. Morning to afternoon, the hot sun started to come, and I affraid my hand skin would be 'zebra' in common, I decided to use my mother hand slop,yes..very narrow when used.
From my School i went to Sanur. And the result I got a chance to training in Besakih Hotel as Front Office, maybe today I can start my training there ,but there's something that make me unlike and should heared by them, because if I'll received it, maybe I will hungry for my break time cause they not give me (trainner) food (lunch) or salarry for me. I think it is so bad.
And next i toke journey of Sanur until Mertasari area and then continued to Ubud. I think it is a naked thing to found some hotel for training, because from Denpasar i should go to Ubud just for sent my training letter to Maya Ubud's resort.  But it would be absurd if I just waiting for calling by them.
Before continue my journey, that should be me to pick up my younger sister from her school, her school is to far away from Ubud. After that I invited her to follow me into Furama villa's. When We arrived in there, maybe about 100meters from parking area we should walking to the Hotel gate.  Is this  goes a bit? turned out to be very far away. While we goes far enough, but there's no result to get Front Office trainee. Well..... and I decided to take a nap before continuing my trip.
About 3 PM , I went on my trip to Sanur and then my target is Werdhapura hotel. There I also do not get any results, in addition to the direction of the security guard was on duty there because the security guard knows where and when I walked into the office casually, I will feels embarrassed and sassy.
It seemed almost hopeless, but I don;t give up! I believe there's many hotels that I can got it. but before going home, I popped into La Taverna Hotel, perhaps I was not sure and feel impossible if there are Front Office vacancies section , but it turned out to be a 'window' opened up for me when the guard asked the Human Resource Dept. and I was told to wait in the canteen of the hotel near the office. While waiting I had to read my big Front Office book as my 'stock' if the interview later. Just a few moments, a man came out and I think that the personnel with the guests from Bali Safari Park. Dag-dig-dug, he come to me and asked just a few,yeah, our little conversation and a 'door' that I have discovered and are just waiting for certainty only.
Coming home from sanur, I immediately told all to my parents at home. They were delighted when I was accepted at La Taverna Hotel, however, they advised me to try it again at Tanjung Sari, and okay ... I'll try tomorrow.

>26 of September
Morning I went to the school to ask for a letter of application training, and there was already about 4 times I've been go back and forth to come to my school to request this letter. Before getting out , I went to 11 AP 4 class, where I met with my friends, especially Rina, my friend bench first. There I up to do with my friends, I feel like want to bring my best friend to  AP 5.
About half 11, I left school and headed to Tanjung Sari Sanur-hotel. But when I pass renon lane, suddenly....the thing that  I hate  is  raids by police, oh no! that only one way! luckily I went straight to a dead-end alley, and without further ado I quickly hid in a building  baseman in renon, fortunately guards baseman was good, so I was given the opportunity to hide. Bit by bit I peep the cops who still ticketing many people who are driving. I think the thing done by the police just a waste of time, and instead of being an important thing, it will be a thing to be feared and hated by the people.
About 11:30 pm, the police had to go and stop the raid, and I immediately fled the area. I continue my journey to Sanur, preciselyTanjung Sari  hotel. The result is the same, I did not get nothing, and it was hot and sultry day.
In the afternoon, I take a break at McDonalds Sanur while enjoying the fresh Cola float and Ice Cream Cone. I knew at this hour is break time for the employees, so I stay in McDonalds until 1 o'clock and then going to La Taverna Hotel to deliver this letter.
Arrived there, i was right, the employees are still have them break time in the canteen of those Hotel. presence known by them (hotel employee)honestly, it felt much less embarrassed in front of people, it was impossible for me to hide from them and wait until things start to quiet. When I tried to pass them .... apparently mr.HRD was break time too, and I was told to wait and sit with those who are resting, familiar atmosphere among employees began to feel and I'm still shy because i'm newbie.
I gave my letter training to him and a little joke among employees, given my belief in him, "Are you speech in English?" I BELIEVE I CAN DO IT, I WON'T TO SAY THAT IM  PERFECT IN ENGLISH, because i just want to learn-learn again for my English speech to be more and more perfect. Juts a few minuts, he (HRD) calling to the Front Office Manager to ask is he still busy or not, and then he (HRD) bring me to the FOM. When I going inside in  Front Office (hotel) it's so gorgeus..... can't be alm to start my training there.... I was told to wait in the lobby, and read a bit meaning of Front Office... I was invited to go to the FOM office , and I feel very very nerveous inside. But, the FOM just read my letter and give the confirmation.Yeah!!!! 1st of October I'll gonna start my training!  it was confirmmed by them. And I'll will prepare right now!

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